beaming Baby-próbek Maxi rozmiar pieluchy 3 2pk B00AWMO6P6

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    • beaming Baby-próbek Maxi rozmiar pieluchy 3 2pk B00AWMO6P6
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  • The World's First bio-biodegradowalny disposable nappy. Up to 75% biodegradable

  • No nappy rash After 7 days or your Money back

  • Protect your Baby from harsh Chemicals w standardowych nappies. 30% less Chemicals than standard disposable nappies.

  • Get a Full Night Sleep. With the totally GM Free absorbent Core. Extreme Comfort with stretchy Back and Side PANELS.

  • 2 x maxi nappies – to fit 7 to 11 kg

  • By buying beaming Baby bio-biodegradowalny nappies, you have taken a Big Step towards giving your the healt hiest start to Life. Most Babies suffer from nappy rash, eczema, astmy or Sensitive Skin problemu in their First three years of life. Many of these problemu can be easily solved by Avoiding harsh Chemicals. By using beaming baby's bio-biodegradowalny nappies, Free from harsh Chemicals, you have shown that you are in the top 5% of mums and ojcowie (Serial telewizyjny) Who will go the dodatkowo mile to protect your Baby from the nasty Chemicals w standardowych Baby Products. Not only will you be dramatically reducing the number of Chemicals which your Baby comes into Contact with on a Daily podstawy, co daje but, you can rest assured that you are using the most Environmentally friendly Baby Essentials on the Planet.
    How are these nappies healthier for My Baby? Your Baby will probaby wear a nappy most of the day and Night, moment with only a few breaks for bathing, changing and the occasional "Free Range". Not only are our nappies Free from harsh Chemicals, but we have a więc introduced a revolutionary Naturally oddychające warstwy against your baby's Skin. Combined with a totally GM Free absorbent Core to keep the wetness Away from your baby's bottom for up to 12 hours. gently infused with chamomile to protect and sooth Sensitive Skin. giving your Baby the perfect Solution for Naturally Healthy Skin.
    How will My Baby be happier? Your beautiful Baby will want to wriggle, Move and Snooze with EASE and comfort tak we have developed Soft stretchy PANELS on both sides and at the back to accommodate every pozycji for both day and Night. and of Course, being a healthier Little one, due to less Chemical Exposure, your Baby is certain to be happier Too.

    beaming Baby-próbek Maxi rozmiar pieluchy 3 2pk B00AWMO6P6